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Assalammualaikum and hello..welcome to our blog that we do for our weekly assignment in food innovation class kitchen:) Our lecturer in this semester is Chef Zaid very smart and friendly guys.. Our group member name is Dalila,Syina,Fahmi n Fiza(Dffs).. We taking diploma culinary art at UniRazak2009^-^ Like to share our knowledgeable about food and experiment... Hope you all like to comment and give your opinion :) and thanks a lot to all watching and commented...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CoCtaiL DouGhnUTS...

Prepare all the ingredients:

Dough Ingredients: Quantity:

All-purpose flour 1000gm
Cocktail fruits 1 cup
Yeast 1 packet
Egg 3nos
Butter 125gm
Walnut 1 cup
Raspberry 1 cup
Blueberry 1 cup
Milk 400ml
Sugar 100gm
Salt 1 Tbsp

Place the all-purpose flour into the one large bowl.

Mix flour, sugar and salt in a bowl.

Pour warm water into dry yeast. Stir

Add butter into flour. Mixed it properly until mixture.

Place egg, yeast and milk into the dough.

Knead the dough with your hands properly until smooth.

Wrap the dough and omit for one hour into the room temperature.

Then after 1 hour place walnut and fruits into the dough.

Shape the dough into small roundel size and make a hole in the middle.

Deep-fry the doughnuts into medium heat of temperature.

When the color turn to golden brown. Sieve and place into the one plate and top with their sauce.

Method of Oreo sauce:

• Heat the deep-pan fry and place the sugar into moderate of heat.
• Add milk and custard flour. Stir properly.
• Off the fire stir slowly about 5 minutes.
• Place into the one bowl and add the Oreo on the top.

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